Cyclon Strength Points

This “Family coaster” model is the world’s bestselling (more than 120 items since 1986 up to today); it’s a portable item, disposing of a self-contained base.

It’s of a traditional gravitational kind and, among its peculiarities, this ride receives children with the whole family and has a quite long track for its category (350 meters in one minute and 20 seconds for one round).

Furthermore, Cyclon generates a big opportunity of profit, receiving approximately 900 person per hour; with this capacity of takings, in two years only it’s possible to recover the cost of the investment.

In fact, Cyclon’s price in the standard version is the lowest in the world for the “Family” category.

Last, but not least, the very low yearly cost for the maintenance of Cyclon makes of this ride in absolute the very bestselling model in the world.